Sacred Earth Assembly at Maui Sacred EarthSACRED EARTH ASSEMBLY

Sacred Earth Assembly 501(c)3 is a spiritual assembly of open-hearted people who share a reverence for the life force and a deep respect for the balance of the natural world.

We believe that our Mother Earth is sacred, as are all of her life forms. We strive to live in a sustainable and ecologically aware manner. We believe that the responsibility of human beings is to steward clean air, pure water, living soils and heirloom non-GMO seeds for future generations.

The philosophy of Ahimsa, or “nonharming” guides our actions. An important aspect of our Earth-based spirituality is assembling to celebrate seasonal holidays and to honor rites of passage for our community members with prayer, meditation, music, dance and sharing healthy locally grown vegetarian food.

Self-expression through a variety of artistic media is valued and encouraged as divine expressions of the soul. The wisdom in all religions is honored at Sacred Earth Assembly, as many paths up the one mountain to the Great Mystery.

Please contact us to get involved.Donations to Sacred Earth Assembly 501(c)3 are tax deductible. Donations to can be mailed to:

Sacred Earth Assembly, 1135 Makawao Ave, PMB 217, Makawao HI 96768

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